Diego Romero

Guitar player, singer, composer and music professor born in the city of Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at the Conservatorio de Música Isaías Orbe. He stands out for his musical versatility that embraces different rhythms and styles of Argentinian and Latin American music. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

2019 - His first record with original compositions is released: “Para un comienzo” - Diego Romero Quinteto (record label: Acqua Records, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2017 - Today Composes and arranges for his music quintet for popular camera music. Its members are Agustín Cetratelli (piano), Rodrigo Beraldi (violin), Emilio Longo (counter bass) and Nicolás Velázquez (bandoneon).

2017 - Today Composed part of the music for the show “Pura sangre” for the Argentinian dance company Potros Malambo, touring in Argentina and Russia.

2015 - Today Together with Daniel Chappet (harmonica) they present their music in different cities in Argentina, with a repertoire that combines Latin American music with other expressions, like jazz.

2018 - 2019 -He played with Nacha Guevara at the international tango festival Zárate 2018 and other theatres at the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017 - 2019 -Sporadically he was part of the performers of two of the most important tango restaurants at Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Esquina Homero Manzi and Café de los Angelitos (Argentina).

2016 - 2019 - Along with Marcela Passadore he played in different theaters in Buenos Aires, sharing the stage with artists like Teresa Parodi, Silvina Garré, Carlos “Negro” Aguirre and Hernan Jacinto Trío.

2014 - 2019 - He was part of the accompanying musicians for the tango singer Raúl Lavié, with whom he performed in numerous festivals and the most important stages in Argentina, such as the Teatro Colón, Teatro Gran Rex, Centro Cultural Kirchner and the Usina del Arte; and the Teatro Municipal de Valparaíso (Chile). With him he also participated of concerts where he also played alongside Alejandro Lerner, Jairo, Julia Zenko, Opus 4, Patricia Sosa, Valeria Lynch y Cecilia Milone.

2018 - Participated in the tv show “De noche vale doble” showcased in the Canal de la Ciudad (Argentina) to accompany diverse artists such as Adriana Varela, Soledad Villamil, Mercedes Funes among others.

2017 - He was awarded the First Prize for Folk Composition at the national contest organized by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina).

2016 - 2018 - Together with Maga Falcoff, Kennet Saravia and Jerónimo Moran, he was part of the Jam Latinoamericana at the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, regular show embracing exclusively folk music of different Latin American countries.

2014 - Paritcipated or the First International Encounter for Percusion La Plata 2014 (Argentina) alongside Mariano “Tiki” Cantero.

2013 -With Jose Alcobruni (bandoneon), he participated of the International Festival Aldeia de Todos os Cantos in the city of Joinville (Brasil), sharing the stage with artists like Ana Paula da Silva and Verónica Condomí.

2012 – 2014 - He was part of Pastiche Trío together with Jose Alcobruni y Lucas Muñoz, an experimental group that was also selected to take part in the Bienal de Arte Joven (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and with whom he participated of the Primer Encuentro de Improvisación y Composición Musical - Bariloche (Argentina). They also shared performances with artists like Ernesto Snajer and Trío Familia.

2010 - He was part of Dúo Romero-Andersen, winner of the First Price in the “Certamen para nuevos valores Pre-Cosquín” for intrumental group and with whom he participated of the Folclórico Cosquín 2010.

2009 - He participated of the tv reality show Talento Argentino as a member of the Romero – Andersen – Ciprián trio.

2007 - He was awarded the silver medal in the Torneos Juveniles Bonaerenses, for instrumental soloist.

2001-2007 - With Jorge Romero he formed Romero Dúo, a folk group with whom he toured Argentina. They were awarded several prizes, as the Premio Revelación a the Festival de la Sierra (Tandil, Argentina).

2001-2011 - He studied as a professor in music and guitar at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música Isaías Orbe (Tandil, Argentina).